CU APP 會員大募集 會員計劃

CU APP 會員大募集 會員計劃



會員計劃讓您一站式盡享 APITA 、 GUU SAN 谷辰及 UNY 之實體零售及 eShop 網店之各項購物及獎賞優惠。
立即登記,以港幣消費每滿$1 即可賺取 1 分,賺取指定積分即可換領電子禮券或限定禮品。

於APITA UNY eShop購物之淨消費金額 (即扣除所有優惠、折扣等後之剩餘金額)而在CU APP 計劃下所獲贈之積分,將會於以下情況顯示在會員帳戶內:


貨品於APITA UNY eShop轉為出貨狀態後的下一日

積分累積周期由每年1月1日至12月31日止 (兩日均計算在內)(以積分加入會員帳戶之日為準),期間所累積的積分於翌年3月31日到期,所有在到期前未使用的相關周期內累積的積分將失效。

如您把任何貨品退回APITA UNY eShop作有效退款,相關已賺取的積分將自動從您的會員帳戶中扣除。

其他CU APP計劃下的條款及細則請參閱CU APP 網站

Membership Program


Enjoy a range of exclusive shopping privileges and rewards in APITA, GUU SAN, UNY and eShop. Earn 1 point for every $1 you spend. Redeem e-Vouchers and fabulous rewards with designated reward points.

The point(s) earned under the CU APP Program based on your net spending amount(s) (i.e. the remaining amount(s) after deducting the value of all offers, discounts, etc) of purchase transaction(s) at APITA UNY eShop will be shown in member account with following conditions:

Store Pick-up
One day after store pick-up completed

Home Delivery
One day after the order is dispatched

The Points accumulating period is from January 1 to December 31 of each year (both days inclusive) (based on the date on which the Points are added to the Member Account). The Points accumulated during the period will expire on March 31 of the following year, and all Points accumulated during the relevant period which are not used before the expiry date will become invalid.

If you return any merchandises to APITA UNY eShop for a valid refund, the relevant earned Points will be automatically deducted from your Member Account.